Juice Cleanse

Refresh. Release. Restore.

The GEO Cleanse - $35.95

Perfect for the first-time juicer and everyone in between. Enjoy our hand-picked selection of raw fruits & veggies to increase energy, detoxify the body and boost your immune system!

Juices Include:

  • Citrus Sunrise
  • Tangy Turmeric (x2)
  • Green Vitality
  • Smooth Avocado (2x)

One (1) cleanse “day” for $35.95 equals six (6) bottles of juice.

 What to Expect

When we pause from regularly consuming processed foods, dairy, alcohol, caffeine or mitigate exposure from the various environmental toxins found throughout our lives, and instead replace them with a surge of nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables, it transforms the body and motivates the mind into balance for a newer, healthier routine.

Before a Cleanse

Ease into and out of a cleanse. We recommend eliminating refined sugars and avoiding dairy, meats and processed foods. Eat light or whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, non-creamy soups and drink plenty of water. Best to avoid alcohol during this time.

During a Cleanse

Drink a bottle as often as you are hungry. If you discover you don’t need all six bottles per day, save them for later for a snack or to supplement a meal. If six bottles is not enough for you, try eating fruits & vegetables. Overall, listen to your body!


To best maintain your results, it’s ideal to avoid alcohol, grains and processed foods. Eat as much raw or whole foods as possible. Support the process by continue to exercise lightly and sleep well. Any detoxification symptoms are often mild and temporary. They are an excellent indication that your body is rebooting itself!

Benefits of a Juice cleanse

Our bodies typically store fat when we don’t consume enough micronutrients. When you drink raw fruit and vegetable juice over the course of a few consecutive days, your body begins to sense that it’s receiving the nutrition it requires and thereby releases the fat it has stored as a byproduct of this change. A juice cleanse also provides an opportunity for your system to rest and heal itself, which can alleviate any digestive issues, improve energy levels, and boost your overall wellness and immunity in the body.