"The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal"- Plato


Meet the GEO Team

Adam & Mariah Bailey


Adam and Mariah began their health and wellness journeys during their stints as collegiate and professional athletes. Adam, a baseball player, and Mariah, a swimmer, realized the impact that optimal nutrition has on the body's performance. 

As they moved from their athletic careers, their passion for health and wellness expanded beyond nutrition. They immersed themselves into the study of the mind, body, and soul connection.  Both avid meditators, Adam and Mariah have embodied a holistic approach to life that they wish to incorporate into the message of their product.

For Adam, juicing is not only a passion, but an art, as evidenced in the taste of the juices. Mariah is an avid yoga practitioner and yoga teacher, sharing her knowledge of the mind, body, and soul connection with others. 

Adam and Mariah live in Kansas City with their dog, Chip, and their Cat, Onyx. 

We formed GEO because we wanted  the rest of the world to experience the feeling of health that we have come to know. To not share this knowledge would be a disservice to humanity."

— Adam & Mariah Bailey.

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Meghan Kempf


Meghan Kempf has spent the last few years redesigning her nutrition. She discovered juicing when inflammation in her spinal cord was presenting as multiple sclerosis or a glioma (cancer). She spent two months pumping her body full of nutrients and trying to heal through nutrition. The lesion spotted on her spinal cord shrunk in size over time and her symptoms were reversed. Meghan learned quickly how much the nutrition you give your body is a major key factor to optimizing your health. Her passion is to assist individuals in the community to discover their full health potential. During her work in the juice industry, she has educated herself on the variety of ways juicing can impact overall health. There is not one way to “juice” and her intention is to help shape the correct juice plan for anyone seeking this path.

Meghan’s family, Zach and their son Brecken, is her ultimate why. She has improved not only her nutrition but her overall health through holistic approaches. She does this to show up as her best version for her family and everyone she interacts with. As parents, Meghan and Zach are determined to provide Brecken with the proper health foundation. They practice what they believe in and intend on being an example for the clients and patients they work with. Zach is a student at Cleveland Chiropractic College and will be graduating in August. They are set to live a life serving others while raising the family of their dreams. They cannot wait to meet the future GEO customers and Brecken is always ready to provide a warm smile to anyone in need of one!

Meghan K