"The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal"- Plato



Juicing can transform your body and taste buds, and provides the nutrients you need to begin healing your body from within.


Our Method

At GEO, we take pride to ensure the quality of our products, and we carefully pair ingredients that deliver a pleasing taste and can optimize health. Utilizing our proprietary juicing methods, we have enhanced the process of making the juice by reducing oxygenation or heat interferences- giving the juice the purest form. We use organic produce to craft a nutrient-dense product free of any added preservatives or sugars. Our juice is never pasteurized, ensuring that almost all nutrients and beneficial bacteria remain intact.


Careful Selection

Our team believes in providing a high quality product. We follow the EWG's popularly known lists the "dirty dozen" and the "clean fifteen". As described, "a catalog of conventionally grown  fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest amounts of pesticide residue" . We use this when deciding what produce is "nonnegotiable" when buying organically. 

*Using produce grown with organic farming methods eliminates the use of pesticides, chemicals, or genetically modified seeds to grow crops.