"The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal"- Plato

Our Product

 GEO Pressed Juice and Wellness is a Kansas City-based company that focuses on utilizing nutritional insights to curate organic, cold pressed juices, milks, coffees, protein drinks, and bite-sized eatables. 


Our Method

At GEO, we take pride in ensuring the quality of our products, so we carefully pair ingredients that deliver a pleasing taste and can optimize health. Utilizing our proprietary methods, our juice is crafted by reducing oxygenation and heat interferences that keep our juice it's purest form. We use organic produce to craft a nutrient-dense product free of any added preservatives or sugars. Our juice is never pasteurized, ensuring that almost all nutrients and beneficial bacteria remain intact.


Potential Benefits of Juicing With GEO

Juicing can transform your body and taste buds, and provides the nutrients you need to begin healing your body from within. Possible health benefits of juicing  nclude but are not limited to; better sleep, less brain fog, more energy, minimize cravings, cleanse toxins from your body.


Why Geometry?

We have named our juices after geometric shapes as a reminder of the basic building blocks of all our physical experience. The word geometry comes from the Greek words "Geo"=earth, and "metron"=to measure. 

In today's busy world, many of us have lost our connection to nature and our planet. This includes the nourishment of our bodies with the organic elements that contain the blueprint of all of life. As we consume organic foods, we connect back to our roots, and from there, we can go beyond the sensory experience of all that connects each of us...forever. 

"The knowledge of which geometry aims, is the knowledge of the eternal" -Plato




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