"The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal"- Plato

Wellness Space

GEO Wellness Space provides a space for our community to discover ways to improve their health. The space is available for  like-minded individuals who's mission is to spread health and wellness. 

Our vision is to have a variety of health talks, educational classes, wellness panels, yoga, and beyond. We would love to get holistic providers in the space to share what they do and how they can help to support someone's health journey. 

The space is an big, open room with two walls of windows allowing natural light in. Hourly rental rates are listed below. Tabe and chairs are available for rental. 

You may email mariah@geopressedjuice.com with questions or to reserve your spot today!

Coming Soon: A calendar with all of the great events that you can attend!

Rental capture