"The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal"- Plato

Plato Cleanse

Plato Cleanse

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Juice Cleanses are sold by the day.

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Included in the Plato Cleanse: 

  1. Celery juice
  2. Octahedron ("Octa")
  3. Chestahedron ("Chesta")
  4. Icosahedron ("Icosa")
  5. Tetrahedron ("Tetra")
  6. Dodecahedron ("Dodeca")

Why Cleanse?

  •  Feeling unwell or groggy
  • Low energy, fatigue, trouble sleeping
  • Brain fog. Trouble focusing
  • Recovering from a period of unhealthy food options
  • Inflammation, sore or achy muscles, recovering injury
  • Kick starting a healthier meal plan or nutrition program
  • Trying to adopt healthier eating habits.
  • Eliminate unhealthy cravings
  • Hit a plateau in weight loss journey
  • Want to try something new to better your nutrition
  • You've done a juice reboot before and know how amazing you felt!


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